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Market connecting buyers to creators


Select Services Films Inc. passionately provides the advantage of working closely with you on your most needed areas of production, be it development, pre-production, production, post, distribution and/or marketing. We work with the filmmaker on every facet of production which results in a project that will inspire and ignite the mind.

Our focus is bringing innovative resources to the table to save you time, energy and money.

Our services include:

  • All phases of Production: Development, Pre, On-Set and Post Production
  • Viral Marketing
  • Casting
  • Crew
  • Script Development

With access to:

  • Tax Credit financing
  • Distribution
  • Budgets and Business Plans
  • Stock Footage and Stock Music
  • Matching funds, second money in only when A-List talent or Director attached
  • Equipment, locations and more

Whether it’s for a:

  • Feature Film (Low Budget, Modified Low Budget, Ultra Low Budget)
  • Short Film or Commercial
  • Television or Television Pilots
  • Industrials or Infomercials
  • Interactive Media (video games, etc.)
  • New Technologies (mobile phone content, etc.)
  • Internet (webisodes, commercials, industrials + other internet media)

Feel free to contact us with your project needs to see how we can facilitate in bringing your project to fruition.

We look forward to working on projects both domestically and internationally.