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    Emmys Consulting with Broadcasting

Mission Statement:

Exploring the essence of the human experience; Thoughtful, entertaining, transitional films. Select Services Films, Inc. is a full-service film and television production company that has produced award-winning content for film, television, and mobile media. We are proud that, due to the high caliber of our first production under the Select Services banner, the 35mm film Room 32, we won an Australian Imaginite Award for filmmakers who excel in the art of storytelling. We recently received Cinequest Maverick Filmmaker honors as well.

As President of Select Services Films, Inc., Susan Johnston, a New England native, worked with the Providence and Rhode Island Film Commissions to build the infrastructure used by the Farrelly brothers, director Michael Corrente, NBC’s hit TV series “Providence” and Context Media Studios for their international productions, garnering funds before Senate Committee hearings and creating the 25% tax incentive for investors of films in RI.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Select Services Films, Inc. expanded its services to include International co-producing, talent producing, directing TV Development and collaborating on innovative projects such as:

 The first series ever produced for cell phones, Mini-Bikers, as producer, in conjunction with Fun Little Movies.
Developing the SAG Internet contract with Pierre Debs of SAG and Frank Chindamo of FLM.
The Hidden Realm, one of the first HD TV Pilots utilizing the Panasonic Varicam.
Shooting Another Day, Forbidden Fruit and Extra Sensory which are some of the first music videos to use the Panasonic Varicam.

Select Services Films, Inc. is currently working with projects using cutting edge technology such as the Red Camera and virtual 3 D technology. Recently we were interviewed for the second edition of Jan Yager’s book “Career Opportunities in the Film Industry.”

Our roster of experienced on-camera and creative talent, craft and technical crew, include Oscar nominees, as well as Emmy, Telly, and Cleo winners. Our clients include ABC Family Channel, NBC/Universal, Fox, Kaiser Permanente, NATPE, “The Hollywood Reporter.”

We are ready to collaborate on your project. Please contact us to discuss further details.